Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Paper: An Object

There seems to be something in the water up north in Stockholm, Sweden, something good and nutritious. Not only does beauty come naturally to land and man but great talent oozes from their pores. Three such gifted Swedes Calle Olsson, Tobias Rask and Peter Backebo make up Paper, the power power power pop, punk (or as their label Imperial Records describes them as hypnotic kraut punk) new kids to the block. Somewhere between Joy Division and Wire but with a clever, quirky edge making this sound very much their own. Last March Paper played 3 blindsiding shows at the Cake Shop in NYC. 3 nights of the loudest, most intense, beautifully driven hard edge guitar sounds, sonic percussion and perfection in old 80's synths making the ringing in your ears a couple days later not a badge of courage but a constant, joyful reminder that you were there! J├Ątte bra!

Earlier this year Paper signed jointly with Imperial Recordings ( Novoton ( who on 2/10/10
re-released An Object on CD and vinyl boasting new artwork and as always,
incredible sounds, WOO HOO!

An Object is available, highly recommended and for sale here
Trust me, you'll be bouncing out of your chair in seconds, and then some.

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